To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

The Great Mandate

The Great Mandate has been under development since 1970. We are taking positive and constructive input at It can be reviewed at our webpage. We expect the Great Mandate, which demands the end of corporate personhood, the phasing out of the Federal Reserve System, the establishment of Dept of National Integrity, etc. to receive millions of endorsements in 2014 including, we hope, that of MoveOn and its membership.

Why is this important?

The Great Mandate demands a refounding of our nation to become truly democratic and to place people before profit. We can do it. We have no choice as the alternative is unsustainable.

Reasons for signing

  • Time to take our country back from the corporate monsters.
  • When we fight, we win! If the People are united, we cannot be defeated.
  • I am excited about helping to promote The Great Mandate as a 2020 Unaffiliated candidate for USA President #DanielRoyBaron I thank you, Daniel Roy Baron

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