To: Every creditor of the world and Every Government of the world

The Jubilee Solution: A systematic reduction of zeros

Reduce all debt to zero in seven years.

Start with a 30% reduction the first year, and reduce all debt by 10% per year every year for seven year.

At the end of the seventh year, start the process anew.


Wealthy people will remain wealthy, as at the beginning of the escalating creation OF ZEROS to their accounts -- because wealth is a RELATIVE thing.

Just be alert: Find ways to isolate the smart ones, who might not join you at first.

Why is this important?

The next financial collapse is going to be dreadful. Knowledgeable people are talking of the collapse of $100 trillion. It is the MONETARY system of the world, not the financial system involving a few corporations, which will collapse.

The modern, prevalent solution of letting the taxpayer come in and save the “too big to fail” corporations might not be available at the next meltdown.

Sequestering the deposits of individuals and perhaps even corporations in banking institutions might not be sufficient for the creation of money to run apace with the growth of interest.

General knowledge is gradually growing that charging interest on a loan sets up an impossible race between growth of real wealth and growth of financial wealth.

No matter how much new money is ever created, it is never enough because interest -- especially in the form of compound interest -- grows inexorably at a faster rate.

Money can never keep up. Interest always wins. But its victory is ephemeral. Bankruptcies result.

Next time around, not even the Fed might have enough latitude to fill the gap.