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To: President Biden and Congress

This is a climate emergency!

This is a climate emergency!

We urge you to pass bold climate action immediately! Congress must not let Senator Joe Manchin get away with sabotaging President Biden’s climate agenda. The Senate must pass Build Back Better; and President Biden must declare a national climate emergency.

Why is this important?

“Keep negotiating, Chuck!”

That was the call of the 17 Congressional staffers who occupied Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s office Monday to demand he reopen climate negotiations.

“We refuse to be complicit in the enormous suffering and devastation around the world that will result from not passing climate justice policy this year,” the protesting staffers said in a statement.

Senator Joe Manchin has repeatedly sabotaged President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda — but Democratic leadership must refuse Manchin’s ultimatum.

Democrats must exercise their power! The Senate must pass sweeping climate legislation; and President Biden must declare a national climate emergency!

The Senate must pass climate legislation that accomplishes the original goals of Build Back Better: substantive investments in renewable energy and building communities resilient to climate change.

Furthermore, President Biden must use the powers conferred by declaring a national climate emergency to take the following steps towards securing a livable future:
- Stop leasing public lands for fossil fuel production
- Stop issuing drilling permits
- Strengthen standards for water and air pollutants, especially carbon dioxide and methane
- Direct the EPA to designate greenhouse pollutants as criteria air pollutants and set a science-based national pollution cap under the Clean Air Act.


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