To: Chancellor Richard A. Carranza, Chancellor of the NYC Department of Education and Mayor Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York City

To Chancellor Carranza - Explain or Resign!

WE, the working parents with children in the NYC school system , deserve a better explanation of what happened or new leadership of the school system.
It is understood that schools should be a safe and secure place for parents and children.
On November 16th, the decision to cancel Afterschool Activities was poorly and wrongly made under your leadership.
Your explanation that it was “due to inclement weather" is NOT acceptable and our faith and trust in the school system is badly damaged by your action.
Please provide all working parents a better explanation, OR, please RESIGN.

Why is this important?

On November 16th, a sunny 45 degrees normal school day, WE, working parents, all got an unexpected school notice - "Afterschool Activities Cancelled". Please remember our children do not use school buses if they stay in the after school programs and without saying some programs are privately paid.
We all have to drop our work schedule and figure out how to pick up our children in a very limited timeframe.
We don't want our school system led under such unconscionable leadership.

Reasons for signing

  • Or maybe don't resign but you do need to be MUCH more accountable.
  • Time to have someone less political and divisive, and more focused on improving schools, rather then moving problem kids around
  • Terrible decision.

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