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To: Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Congress, Biden Administration

Treat migrant families with dignity and respect, NOT as political pawns

Texas Governor Greg Abbott and other members of the extreme GOP have escalated their heartless and cruel treatment of migrants coming to the United States seeking safety and opportunity—using vulnerable families as political pawns.

Gov. Abbott has been unexpectedly busing—and now flying—migrants across the country to progressive cities, creating a logistical crisis and lifelong trauma for thousands of migrant families and children caught in the crosshairs.

Sign the petition to demand that Texas Governor Greg Abbott STOP playing politics with the lives of migrants and call on the federal government to provide funding for receiving communities!

Why is this important?

More than 26,000 migrants have had their lives placed in limbo by the GOP, being chartered around the country as part of Governor Abbott’s political games. For months, migrants have been stranded at the Chicago O'Hare airport, after shelters quickly filled up and families and children were stuck. At one point, there were 800 migrants, including children, living in the airport. And they are not the only ones. More than 100 individuals and families were trapped in Logan Air[ort in Boston—sleeping on floors and using wet towels to keep clean.

Other groups of migrants have been dropped off randomly near truck stops or Greyhound stations, with no context or information for where to go from there or communication with city officials for coordination or wrap-around services.

These heartless antics are part of the GOP’s escalating anti-immigrant border fight, recently inhumanely installing wire at the U.S. border in Eagle Pass and installing a buoy wall that increases the risk of drowning.

Republicans want to create a crisis at the border, create chaos, and stoke anti-immigrant hate in order to activate their far right base. This is unconscionable. Vulnerable people seeking safety and care should not be used by conservative politicians for political gain.


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