To: Donald Trump

Trump Must Divest from All Business Interests Before Taking Office

Your duties to the American people must prevail over your personal financial interests. We call on you to completely divest from all Trump businesses, and to create a genuine firewall between those businesses and your administration, before you take office.

Why is this important?

As the owner of numerous companies spanning the entire globe, Donald Trump could take office with the most blatant conflicts of interest in the history of American politics.

The scope of Trump’s empire means that his businesses are impacted by a wide range of government policies, including taxes, consumer protection, civil justice, financial regulation, employee rights, foreign policy, and much more.

Trump has proposed transferring control to a misnamed “blind trust” under the direction of his children. That’s more like an all-seeing trust! It would do nothing to eliminate the staggering conflicts of interest.

The American people need to know that Trump is not running the government to benefit his own corporate empire.