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Ulster County Executive: Save Our Railroad!

As citizens of Ulster County and/or potential customers of the Catskill Mountain Railroad, we are interested in keeping an unsegmented scenic railroad from Kingston to Phoenicia in New York state.

There are many trails in Ulster County, but only one historic operating railroad.

Let the Catskill Mountain Railroad maintain itself and extend its lease indefinitely throughout the Ulster County portion of the Ulster and Delaware corridor.

Preserve our history and keep our taxes down!

Why is this important?

As can be seen by examples in Saratoga, Arkville, the Adirondacks, and many other areas of New York, a scenic railroad can be successful. We want the rail to be saved for a scenic railroad.

The Catskill Mountain Railroad has the ability to maintain its own line and has NOT been a burden on the county or taxpayer.

We believe that a fully developed scenic railroad will provide added variety to the area for tourism. It can provide additional unique entertainment and linkages to other merchants and recreation, boosting the local economy.


Reasons for signing

  • Fix the track and bring back rail to the Catskills.. We don’t need another un used trail... really!!!
  • Railroad would make an extraordinary tourist attraction. Bring in more dollars to county then a hiking trail.
  • We can walk in the woods anywhere in Ulster but only in this one spot ride an historic train.