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To: Alex and Marcelo


As of recently cameras were installed in common areas of the house we call “Home away from home” ,Without any prior notice or consideration nor consent. This has led to an up roar of concern among the women living here. It’s made living uncomfortable and unsafe. It puts us in a position of vulnerability as the entire house is women , under the care of men. Collectively we ask for change to have these cameras removed from the premises as we unclothe and expose ourselves in these areas. It would make the women In This house feel safe to know we wouldn’t be recorded on camera and have footage of us in the hands of personal that we wouldn’t want it to be In.

Why is this important?

As women who fly and are on the go all the time, exposed to hundreds of people , tired and exhausted, when we get to a place we need to crash it is important to have a peace of mind when we rest. Critical components of rest and sleep requires a sense of saftey and comfort. These cameras inside the home we crash at has caused stress and worry of our privacy. And will lead to further complication that could follow into our workplace.


2023-08-11 15:42:00 -0400

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