To: Laurie Warner, Oregon Employment Department, Director, William Fink, Oregon Employment Department, Deputy Director, Marjorie Taylor, Department of Administrative Services, Rebecca Nance, Oregon Unemployment Department, Legislative Coordi...

Unemployment Department, Don't Punish Others for YOUR Mistakes

Stop the Government from destroying innocent citizen's lives for mistakes that THEY had made.

Why is this important?

Brent Bennett, a young veteran who served for the US Navy, is under attack from the Oregon Unemployment Department. They are trying to get him to pay back a disgustingly huge sum of money, for a mistake that THEY had made.

The mistake? Refusing to take information from him when he'd originally applied for benefits, and then using that information to retroactively deny him benefits after having been on them for over three years, and occumulated over $50,000 via $400+ weekly unemployment insurance benefits. They had known about the information he had tried to supply, we can assume, from the beginning, but did not deny him then, and waited until his benefits had been completely run through before then demanding him to pay it back.

Brent Bennett is still unemployed, and they have signed a warrant for garnishment on him already. He has no means to repay the huge sum of money and the interest keeps growing every month.

Brent is going to find a lawyer and take this issue to court and battle it to the end, but we need more than just a good lawyer to get this issue seriously looked at. Without the backing of society, the government and the unemployment department could just swipe this issue under the table and ignore it indefinitely. We need a public outrage to get our cries heard!

We cannot let this sort of atrocity happen to other innocent US citizens, we should not allow this atrocity happen to Brent. Help us fight this and make life fair for the people in our country.

Please do not allow the Government to effectively RUIN a young man's entire life by forcing him into a debt of this measure, that cannot be removed by bankruptcy, with an interest rate that will keep him from ever paying it off.