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To: Loretta E. Lynch, Attorney General

United States Police Training Reform

In light of recent police shooting within the black community. We are witnessing fear, a lack of respect, and poor police training. The average time of service is less than 8 years for officer involved shootings. It is time to bring back community policing and stop cutting the budget in this crucial area. Let us tell the United States Department of Justice to implement a training plan across the Country!!! Now is the time

Why is this important?

All civilians are affected with the interactions between Police and the Communities across this nation. A National training reform is in order, now more than ever before. Black people are in fear of being gunned down due to the fear of poorly trained officers. Community Policing is needed, and budgets should not be cut in this crucial area.



2020-06-09 20:00:00 -0400

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