To: Robert G. Frank, President of the University of New Mexico and Dr. Tomás A. Aguirre, UNM Dean of Students

UNM: Support Sex Week

Support initiatives such as Sex Week that teach a culture of consent and reduce sexual assault on campus.

Why is this important?

UNM administration has issued an apology for hosting Sex Week, a series of seminars about consent, relationships and sexuality. While well intentioned we feel this apology is misguided.

By calling topics of normal adult sexuality "sensational and controversial", University administrators and officials promote fear, shame, and judgement. The prevalence of shame and silence has led directly to the alarming frequency of sexual assault in our society at large and New Mexico especially.

"These misguided attacks show just how afraid many people are of frank, pleasure-centered sex education. But that fear fuels violence. When young people don't know what safe, pleasurable sex can be like, we leave them vulnerable to predators who will tell them that abuse is normal." -Jaclyn Friedman, author of "Yes Means Yes: Visions of Sexual Power and a World Without Rape."

Events such as Sex Week offer students precisely the tools needed to combat this culture of violence.

By expressing regret over the teaching of clear and honest information about sexuality and relationships, UNM does a disservice to survivors of sexual assault.

Additionally, UNM undermines the expertise of the members of the UNM Women's Resource Center and their dedication to the needs of the students they serve.

Contact the UNM Dean of Students and make your voice heard. The number is: (505) 277-3361.

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