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To: Gov of Alabama, Gov of Alaska, Gov of Arizona, Gov of Arkansas, Gov of Colorado, Gov of Connecticut, Gov of Delaware, Gov of Florida, Gov of Georgia, Gov of Hawaii, Gov of Idaho, Gov of Illinois, Gov of Indiana, Gov of Iowa, Gov of Kansa...

US Governors and state legislators: we need you to lead on our climate threat.

The undersigned ask all 50 US governors and state legislators to acknowledge these 4 facts and then take suggested policy action on them in their own state, for the biggest impact possible on this threat:

FACT ONE - 50 blueprints now exist for 50 states to go 100% Renewable. See

FACT TWO - 3 states are considering law to price carbon: Massachusetts, Oregon and Washington.

FACT THREE - Canada is now moving a Constitutional Amendment on a Right to live in a Healthy Environment with clean air and water and healthy food. See Blue and

FACT FOUR - World Population Balance advocates one child families worldwide to cut the global population in half, to be in better balance with natural resources, like it was in 1960.

SUGGESTED ACTION ONE is expediting carbon-reducing Renewables. Resources include:
one -, a non-profit creating Community Choice Aggregated Energy state by state/county by county;
two - suggested BeTheExample Contests in cities and towns run by school districts, to motivate homeowners and renters with tools on energy and water conservation, leasing solar and better sustainable food choices.
Offered by the non-profit, Transition Express Inc, at

SUGGESTED ACTION TWO is creating law similar to what MA is doing to price carbon. See details here -

SUGGESTED ACTION THREE is implementing a US Constitutional Amendment, state by state, replicating the current Canadian effort, to strengthen US environmental laws.
The goal would be action in 38 states. See details at

SUGGESTED ACTION FOUR is creating state tax deductions to encourage smaller 1 and 2 child families and foster care adoptions. See details at

All 4 policy changes implemented at the state level would allow the best chance for a more livable planet for generations to come.

Why is this important?

Evidence of advancing climate change is going on worldwide, and all 50 US states show evidence of this. The rational-minded leader in each state knows, something needs to be done. This petition allows US constituents to show their concern to state elected officials giving them resources to work with, that can best and most effectively move forward policies, to create a livable planet for future generations. The time to act is now.

We ask that a CARBON FEE and REBATE bill be passed in your state, like is getting done in Massachusetts, and soon in California. Details on this bill can be found at It is authored by state senator Mike Barrett. It is S1821 currently, and interested legislators in other states are encouraged to call Senator Barrett's office at 617-722-1572, and ask for the legislative director, Sam Anderson.

Reasons for signing

  • Regardless of who sits in the White House- we need strong leadership in every state that helps all Americans support action to reduce the destruction of Climate Change.
  • This issue is critical. Our governors and state legislators need to be leaders on these issues!
  • Ration fossil fuel now!

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