To: The United States Senate

U.S. Senators: Stand up to Big Pharma–support Senator Warren’s bill!

We are calling on you, U.S. Senators, to stand up to pharmaceutical industry lobbyists and cosponsor the Medical Innovation Act, which would fight back against the illegal practices of major pharmaceutical companies.

Why is this important?

Senator Warren just introduced the Medical Innovation Act, a bill that would essentially act as a swear jar: whenever a huge drug company that is generating enormous profits as a result of federal research investments gets caught breaking the law, it has to put some money in the jar to fund the next generation of medical research.

She explained that pharmaceutical companies deserve some of the credit for life-saving drugs, but the government deserves some too. The same drugs that generate billions of dollars in profit for these companies don’t just come overnight. "Drug companies make great contributions, but so do taxpayers. In other words, we built those medical innovations together," she said.

Sign this petition and tell the senators of the United States that we need them to cosponsor the Medical Innovation Act and to fight against Big Pharma.