To: Henry Robal, Commissioner District 1, Miguel M. Chavez, Commissioner District 2, Robert A. Anaya, Commissioner District 3, Kathy Holian, Commissioner District 4, and Liz Stefanics, Commissioner District 5

Vote Against Proposed Residential Solid Waste Collection Districts

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If the ordinance passes, residents will lose the ability to select their own waste hauler and will be obliged either to haul waste themselves or use the county-selected provider.

Why is this important?

Representatives of the county have stated that the selected hauler will use mechanical collection trucks. This provision effectively eliminates local providers Ibarras and MCT and hands the proposed seven year contract to Waste Management, a national corporation with large, noisy trucks.

The purported reason for the ordinance is to expand recycling by providing curb-side pickup of recyclable materials, probably excluding glass. Ibarras currently provides this service, including glass pickup.

I am very satisfied with my current provider and disturbed by the intrusion of a government-sponsored monopoly into a locally competitive business and by the possibility that our local businesses will be harmed or eliminated.

I urge you not to pass this ordinance.