To: Sen. Sherrod Brown (OH-1)

War with Iran? Sherrod Brown is the Firewall

Ohio Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown should pledge to oppose new sanctions against Iran, especially the Menendez bill, while the Obama Administration negotiates a permanent agreement to restrict Iran's nuclear program to transparently peaceful purposes.

Why is this important?

In open defiance of the Obama Administration, New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez has introduced a bill that would impose new sanctions on Iran. Ten Democratic Senate committee chairs have written to Majority Leader Reid, warning that passage of the Menendez bill would likely blow up the Administration's diplomacy with Iran, leaving military force as the only option to restrain Iran's nuclear program.

Ohio Democratic Senator and progressive champion Sherrod Brown has not co-sponsored the Menendez bill. But he has been an original co-sponsor of AIPAC-promoted bills in the past. Thus, Senator Brown is sure to face extreme pressure from AIPAC to co-sponsor this pro-war bill.

Urge Senator Brown to stand tall against AIPAC's pressure and to support the President's diplomatic engagement with Iran. Congress should not undermine the President's efforts to prevent another war in the Middle East.