To: WBEZ Management

WBEZ Keep Worldview with Jerome McDonnell

Worldview is one of the few reliable sources for critical information on U. S. foreign policy and the climate science behind climate warming. Jerome McDonnell provides first class journalism via his interviews of authors, journalists, organizers and politicians: he covers an array of cultural, political, scientific and artistic topics from countries all over the world. His content is consistently relevant to the international issues of the day.

At a time when democracy is in peril, such quality programming is essential to inform the voting public. Jerome is a very skilled interviewer based on his broad knowledge of international issues. We need Worldview more than ever and Jerome’s creativity and commitment must not be silenced.

We petition WBEZ to recognize the unique nature of Worldview with Jerome McDonnell and keep it on the air. Chicago’s Public radio can ill afford the consequences of this misguided programming decision.

Why is this important?

For all the reasons in our text we are very concerned to lose this invaluable public education radio program for Chicago region listeners. This is the kind of programming that informs voters on the issues. And, Jerome is a skilled interviewer who asks the right questions of his guests!