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To: Governor Ige, Lt. Governor Dr. Green, Hawai'i Mayors

We Need a COVID-19 Free Hawai’i and Effective Quarantine Enforcement NOW

We Need a COVID-19 Free Hawai’i and Effective Quarantine Enforcement

We must strengthen and keep our quarantine mandate in place until we, like New Zealand, have ZERO community spread.

Ideally, our islands would be self-sustaining and not have to rely on tourism for a healthy economy. Since that is not the current reality, we must put a plan into place ASAP to protect our kama’aina and make sure every single one of us is safe.

Local and state government is not stepping up to make sure we are protected.

The following are steps we can take to ensure that COVID-19 does not ravage our community, like it has on the mainland. If we don’t do something now, very soon it will be too late. We must not gamble with the precious lives of our kama’aina, but instead do everything in our power to protect every single one of us.

Here are easy steps we can take to ensure everyone’s safety

// INTERISLAND QUARANTINE: Cases of COVID-19 have been increasing since the interisland quarantine was lifted. It must be immediately reinstated.

// RETURN FLIGHT: Except for returning residents and essential workers, travelers must show proof of return flight.

// KAUAI PLAN: Implement the Kauai Plan, requiring two tests six days apart.

// QUARANTINE: All non-essential travelers will stay at a designated quarantine facility. No travelers, except essential workers, will be allowed to stay in vacation rentals. Travelers will not be allowed to leave their room in the quarantine facility. All costs of rooms and meals are paid for by travelers. No quarantine facility staff will ever enter travelers’ rooms. Travelers will clean their own rooms and change their own linens. Supplies and food will be left outside of their rooms.

// EXEMPTIONS: Like New Zealand, there will be no exemptions for returning residents or visiting family members.

// ENFORCEMENT: A third-party will be designated to randomly check quarantined travelers to make sure they are in their rooms.

Mahalo nui loa for working to keep our islands safe from all harm by reinforcing our transpacific quarantine and reinstating the interisland quarantine for all non-essential travelers.

Please respond to me and let me know what you intend to do to protect us from the threat of COVID-19. I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Why is this important?

#ProtectHawaii movement is a set of objectives to keep Hawai’i COVID-19-free.

HALE HAWAI’I is an organization dedicated to keeping the Hawaiian Islands COVID19-FREE while building and diversifying an aina/ohana-based local living economy for the future health of Hawai’i.


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