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To: Democratic United States Senators and Representatives

We need a wealth tax that will make the economy work for everyone, not just the rich and powerful.

Under Trump, Republicans gave a $1.9 trillion tax cut to billionaires who have subsequently gotten over $1 trillion richer during the pandemic. This is unacceptable. This is why we’re asking Democrats in Congress to co-sponsor Senator Warren, Representative Jayapal, and Representative Boyle’s wealth tax bill. This landmark legislation would put a just a two-cent wealth tax on the wealthiest Americans worth more than $50 million, creating $3 trillion in tax revenue that can be used to reinvest in our communities and create opportunities for working families.

Why is this important?

50 million Americans are going hungry, over 10 million are still unemployed, and 63 percent are living paycheck to paycheck. The federal minimum wage has not gone up in nearly 12 years -- the longest period of time without an increase in history. That has benefited corporations and the ultra wealthy and disproportionately harmed minimum-wage workers, a majority of whom are women and come from communities of color. Enacting a wealth tax is a racial, economic, and gender equality justice issue.

Instead of addressing this ever-growing wealth inequality in America, callous politicians have successfully defunded essential services like our housing, our health care, and our education, furthering the racial and gender wealth gap. All the while, America’s billionaires continue to accumulate their wealth by paying their workers starvation wages, denying them healthcare, and actively sabotaging attempts by their workers to unionize. Their pandemic gains alone are so immense that they could give everybody in the country a $3,000 stimulus check and still be as rich as they were before the pandemic.

This rigged system cannot continue. We need to take this money that has been pilfered from working people and use it to invest into our communities.

Imagine, for a moment, what we could do with a wealth tax, what it would mean for people of color, for the working class, for our most vulnerable communities, for all of us. We could fund health care and education, we could invest in infrastructure and green energy, and we could truly begin to build back better.

Together, we can make this vision for the future our reality. Sen. Warren, Rep. Jayapal, and Rep. Boyle introduced their wealth tax bill that would make only the wealthiest Americans, worth over $50 million, pay their fair share. It’s only right. Join us in asking Democrats in the U.S House and the U.S Senate to co-sponsor this crucial bill that will begin to rein in this country’s out-of-control corporate greed.


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