To: The Indiana State House, The Indiana State Senate, and Governor Eric Holcomb

We need an Underpass!

We the people of Osceola, deserve an underpass! There have been one too many deaths/accidents on the railroad tracks, not to mention emergency response time gets slower every time there's a train that is blocking the crossing or has too many cars aboard.

Why is this important?

For the safety of our town.


Reasons for signing

  • I observe very dangerous situation all the time. Stopped trains, malfunctioning crossing arms, semis knocking crossing arms off, railroad yard to close to Ash road with slow moving trains coming out of the yard. An Ash road underpass could be possible if they moved it West where the county garage is. Beach road would be simpler and probably more economical. We just need one!!
  • It’s right by the railroad yard and should have had an underpass years ago. Many many slow moving or stopped trains with miles of backed up traffic on county road 20. Very dangerous for both sides!!!
  • there have been too many accidents that could have been avoided with an over/ underpass in osceola. not to mention the ridiculous amount of time it takes first responders to show up to the baugo community north of the railroad tracks