To: Sen. Richard Durbin (IL-1) and Sen. Tom Udall (NM-1)

We Thank @SenatorDurbin & @SenatorTomUdall for Opposing West Bank Settlements

We thank Illinois Senator Dick Durbin and New Mexico Senator Tom Udall for re-affirming that Israeli settlements in the West Bank are an obstacle to peace.

Why is this important?

Illinois Senator Dick Durbin has blocked a Senate resolution that would condemn UN Security Council Resolution 2334 against Israeli settlements in the West Bank. New Mexico Senator Tom Udall has said that if Senator Durbin were to lift his hold on Rubio-Cardin's S. Res. 6, Senator Udall would place his own hold. [1]

Thank Senator Durbin and Senator Udall for standing up for peace by signing our petition.



Reasons for signing

  • Keep up the good work !
  • I thank Senator Durbin for blocking condemnation of UNSCR 2334. The USA should be supporting UNSCR 2334.
  • Thank you for doing the right thing, not letting politics get in the way of a just and moral society.