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To: President Biden

Where is the Global Vaccine Rollout? WAIVE Patent Rights Temporarily!

Where is the Global Vaccine Rollout?  WAIVE Patent Rights Temporarily!

Every person around the world is not being protected from the potentially deadly Covid-19 virus. But every person should have that as a human right. Right now India is in the middle of a deadly second wave with their healthcare and social infrastructure collapsing due to a lack of vaccines. Pharmaceutical companies' property patent rights prevent many countries, mostly poor, form producing and manufacturing their much needed vaccines. We need to ask President Biden to sign the WTO proposal to waive pharmaceutical companies Covid-19 vaccine patent rights.

Why is this important?

Failure to vaccinate the world put us all at risk. We are not safe until all of us are safe. Waiving the patent rights would allow every country the right to produce Covid-19 generic vaccines.
We have to remember that there were countless unnecessary deaths during the AIDS/HIV epidemic in many countries and continents like Africa because of the pharmaceutical companies' property patent rights. Let's not make that mistake again.
The waiver of these patent rights will give the vaccine technology to those countries in greatest need. These vaccines saves lives and everyone should have a right to have access to them. Over 100 countries have signed on the World Trade Organization's plan to waive the Covid-19 vaccine patent rights. Tell President Biden to sign on too! Time is of the essence to save lives and to make us all safe.


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I just wanted to thank you for signing the Where's the Global Rollout? petition.

Tomorrow, May 5th, the World Health Organization is going to meet and the focus will be on waiving vaccine patents. Right now, President Biden is undecided on if he will support the patent waiver. And where the US goes, the EU, Britain and Canada, all who opposed patent rights, will follow. So President Biden's decision is critical.

Please share this petition with friends, family and any organizations you belong to that you think would support this humanitarian effort.

Again, thank you for your support.

Pat Watson and Liz King

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Picture from Boston Globe April 26, 2021: India's COVID-19 Surge is a Flashback, and a Warning, to Many in Massachusetts. ATUL LOKE/NYT.