To: Bill George, Program Director

WHJJ - Take Rush Limbaugh off the air in Providence

Rush Limbaugh's verbal assault on Georgetown University student Sandra Fluke, calling her a "slut" and a "prostitute," was intended to do one thing: intimidate women who would dare to speak out for their reproductive freedom.

But this time Limbaugh has gone too far, and it has sparked a nationwide backlash. At least 140 major advertisers have pulled their ads from the Limbaugh show, and some stations have canceled the show altogether.

Rush is still on the air in Providence—So we're calling on WHJJ 920 in Providence to take Limbaugh off the air for good.

Why is this important?

Rush Limbaugh's reprehensible attack on Sandra Fluke, the college student who spoke to Congress about women's reproductive rights, calling her a slut and a prostitute and asking her to make a sex video, should be the end of his on-air career. Let's convince WHJJ-920 to kick him off the air in Providence.