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To: Virginia Governor, Lt Governor, US Congress, US President and Vice President

Winsome Sears ethnic bigotry attack on Black American Freedmen descendants of US Slavery

Winsome Sears ethnic bigotry attack on Black American Freedmen descendants of US Slavery

“Slavery happened, absolutely. And there are some vestiges of it. But how long are we going to go back there?” ~Winsome Sears

We demand that the Jamaica born Winsome Sears stop and apologize for her ethnic bigotry against Black American Freedmen descendants of slavery by trying to silence our voices concerning the enslavement of our ancestors.

Winsome Sears is using her position as Lt. governor of Virginia to dismiss the pain of the crime against humanity that has never been repaired by the United States government done to the millions descendants of Black American Freedmen.

Being that Winsome Sears is the Lt. Governor in the state of Virginia who was first to secede from the Union, who also held slave breeding plantation, ( a act of making black males procreate with their own mothers) makes it even more nefarious and insidious to tell the Descendants of Black American Freedmen to move past it without remedy.

Winsome Sears who is not of the lineage of the millions Black Americans Freedmen descendants of slavery in the United States, but one who has a position in government by the battles fought for by the Black American Freedmen. Action is unacceptable, her ethnic bigotry should not be tolerated but especially by someone with a high position in state government that she has.

Why is this important?

Ethnic Bigotry has no place in the United States and especially not in Government


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