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To: Catholic church, President Donald Trump, The Maryland State House, The Maryland State Senate, Governor Larry Hogan, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Women's rights

Stop discrimination against women. This is both a discrimination case as well as a religious case. Many of us believe that all should be treated equally, and this includes healthcare.
Women of all beliefs should be afforded all health care, including birth control, prenatal care, abortions, etc. It is the spiritual belief of many religions, that life/personhood begins when the fetus can breath on its own and not before. A female person (mother), should not have her physical and mental health compromised for something that needs her body to survive.
Not everyone in this country of ours is a "Christian" and it is our right to worship as we desire without being subjected to "Christian" rules. For the most part, we honor the equality and rights of all and feel our laws need to respect that right. If others believe differently, they do not have to engage in that they don't believe in.
Not allowing abortion can also mean future suffering for that fetus. Drug addiction from the beginning, emotional and physical pain of developmental problems, being unloved, abused, starved, and other tradgedies of being an unwanted child. Emotionally and physically deprived children become a burden on society and often grow to adults who are a burden on society. Do we need to stand behind these protesting anti-abortionists with signs that read: "They'd rather see the fetus suffer after it is is born. It's more visual that way."?
Another belief is the preservation of our Earth and overpopulation is a problem. Adding to this overpopulation with unwanted children is a sin.
Congress does not want to raise taxes. They do not want to care for these children that they insist be born. They do not recognise the overburgeoning population and that it takes more money to care for them.
Let's tell congress that we women have rights, both discriminatory and religious and we insist they honor these rights. Any panel discussing this problem should only include women. We demand these rights.

Why is this important?

Woman need total and proper healthcare, including birth control, prenatal care and abortions, if desired.



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