To: Bill Lee, Chief of Police, Sanford FL and Rick Scott, Governor of FL

17 year-old Florida boy killed over pack of skittles - SPEAK UP!

We, the signers of this petition, demand that George Zimmerman be prosecuted for his unlawful actions and take responsibility for the crime he has committed. A message needs to be sent to ALL "neighborhood watch" organizations that taking the law into their OWN hands will not be tolerated!

Why is this important?

Trayvon Martin (17 years old) was walking home from the store in a gated Stanford, FL community with a pack of skittles and a drink when he was labeled as "suspicious" and shot and KILLED by an armed neighborhood watch guard. Despite the fact that Trayvon was completely unarmed, George Zimmerman (a white man) believed the young black teen to be dangerous and even AFTER being told by police to "stand down" he took it in his own hands and shot the young boy in cold blooded murder. We're calling on you, America, to stand up for justice and demand that Zimmerman be charged with his crimes! Please sign the petition and pass it on to all of your family and friends! Let's stand together and show that this is NOT acceptable in ANY community!