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To: The Texas State House and The United States House of Representatives

27, hard working and recently considered worthless

I am an American. I believe my fellow Americans have the right to life. I believe that we all have the right to use our voice, as well as our legs and arms and brains, to communicate to our representatives that we are ALL WORTH IT.

Why is this important?

I'm Lauren and I'm one of many hard-working, awesome Americans that just happens to have a life altering disease. Since I was 24, I have had this sneaking suspicion that I was very ill. Unfortunately, I was uninsured. As 25, I was at work waiting tables and very suddenly lost the use of my legs. Needless to say, crawling isn't good form in a restaurant so I broke down and went to the ER. Two weeks later I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a disease that attacks the protective coating around the chocolate center that is your nerves. Eventually, I lost sight in my right eye, most of my balance and at 27, I fall multiple times everyday. I've been working since I was 14, am trying to go to school to become a therapist to help people in my condition and I think I'm a decent person. Still, I'm pretty sure that every time I hear certain people talk about how their taxes shouldn't pay for my medicine, they're really saying that it's not worth it to them if I live. If you have a friend of a friend like me, tell everyone that they're worth your money by signing.



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