To: David Jones, CEO

A Better Kaplan Starts with Great Teachers

A better Kaplan starts with great teachers. While Kaplan reaps the benefits of its teachers’ hard work and dedication, those very same teachers are barely getting by.

They are forced to come to work sick because they have no sick days; do not receive any health care; and earn only minimum wage for time spent preparing for classes.

Negotiating a contract with Kaplan teachers that includes sick days, health care and fair pay for prep time will benefit teachers and students alike and make Kaplan the great learning center it claims to be.

Why is this important?

Nobody is more dedicated to making Kaplan a better place than Kaplan teachers. But Kaplan does not value its teachers. Instead of negotiating a fair contract that includes sick days, decent pay for prep time and health care, Kaplan representatives walked out of the last bargaining session shortly after it started.