To: Eric Schneiderman, NY Attorney General

A new New York Primary! Ask NY Attorney General to request Federal Court Order

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman: Under New York Article 78 and related federal statutes, a brand new NY Primary should be ordered by a federal judge at your request. Only this would correct the egregious violations, disenfranchisements, voting machine failures, and other 'irregularities" in the 2016 NY primary. This must be done very soon. The Sanders campaign and other plaintiffs could join your effort, but this must begin with your office.

Why is this important?

I am outraged by the growing voter fraud and manipulations of our electoral process, which has turned into an international disgrace comparable to Third World nations needing UN observers. Correcting the egregious disenfranchisements of hundreds of thousands of voters in the New York Primary can only be achieved by conducting a new one, ordered by a Federal Court.