To: Mike Lowe, CEO OrthoAccel Technologies, Inc

AcceleDent Must Stop Attacking Orthodontists

We, the undersigned, unequivocally denounce the tactics recently employed by OrthoAccel Technologies, Inc. (the makers of AcceleDent) against individual orthodontists. Attacking consumers because they buy a product that is legally sold by serving these orthodontists subpoenas/court documents in their offices (in front of their patients), and behaving this way in general is deplorable. We will not tolerate it. We expect, no we demand, that OrthoAccel Technologies, Inc. cease and desist all actions targeting individual orthodontists for using a legally obtained product. Now. Until that happens we will not buy any OrthoAccel products and we will strongly encourage our peers to do the same - loudly and often.
We don't care anything about the fight between Ortho Accel and Propel. We don't care what one company does to another - fight out your dispute in the courts or wherever you choose and get as nasty as you like with one another. But we won't sit by and let a vendor attack our peers for no good reason. Individual orthodontists may look like easy targets and we may have been in the past but we are not too weak to fight back any longer. The new, connected orthodontic community is stronger than you know and you're about to find out how strong in front of your booths at meetings, in magazine articles, in blog posts, in Facebook groups, on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and wherever you try to sell your products. As long as this foolishness continues will be there and we will educate our peers as to the dirty tricks OrthoAccel has employed against individual orthodontists.
Stop the madness. Do it now. The profession and the market will not tolerate anything less.
David Butler, Derek Bock, Ben Burris

Why is this important?

The idea that individual orthodontists are being attacked by well funded corporations in an attempt to gain market share for their product is repulsive. Individual orthodontists are easy targets but when the specialty acts as a group we can defend every individual from this kind of abuse. It's time to let AcceleDent know that we will not tolerate this kind of behavior.


Reasons for signing

  • Stop attacking Orthodontists
  • OrthoAccel good to remember that it Never pays to be a Bully....
  • Stop now...