To: President Donald Trump

Accept Refugees into the U.S.

Every government needs to respond to the global refugee crisis. Raise the annual limit on the number of refugees the United States accepts.

Why is this important?

The news in recent weeks has been awash with tragic images of drowned children and desperate parents fleeing violence and the chaos of war.

The one heartening thing in this global crisis is the phenomenon of people lining the road with food and water or filling train platforms to warmly greet arriving refugees.

Germany has set an example by opening its program and refusing limits, in sharp contrast to the terrifying scenes we've seen of Hungarian police chasing families through fields. The United States, too, should be be a leader to say #refugeeswelcome and raise the limit on refugees it accepts each year.

President Obama has said the Administration is reconsidering the current cap on the refugee program. Sign to tell the White House to raise it immediately.