To: Dr. Wolfgang Baiker, CEO

Address Critical Shortage of Life Saving Drug for Dogs, Vetmedin

There is a consistent backorder of the crucial life saving, drug, Vetmedin. This drug is essential to preventing heart failure in dogs. We must absolutely have an adequate supply.

Why is this important?

This drug is essential to preventing heart failure in my dog, Prince. Please do absolutely everything in your power, whether it be having your company send out surveys to vet hospitals, reviewing the annual number of dogs needing this medicine and/or having a survey sent out to distributors on how many orders they receive per year of this product to resolve this issue.


Reasons for signing

  • My dog Juno needs this in order to live. She has congestive heart failure and without Vetmedin, she will die.
  • Whatever the reason for this shortage, this vital drug is necessary to save the lives of many, many beloved pets. The problems in delivery should be resolved, IMMEDIATELY.
  • Our little Rudy Roo has been on pimobendan for 9 years. He was given 2 months to live when diagnosed but the miracle of this Med combined with Enalopril has given is all many blessed, stable years of joy and health.

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