To: The California State House, The California State Senate, and Governor Gavin Newsom

Adopt "California Anthem" as State Anthem

The "California Anthem" has been sung by 8 choirs in CA. It has been viewed over 35,000 times on YouTube with over 70 favorable comments. Many people of all ages have suggested that this song be adopted as the new State Anthem for CA, as its lyrics and melody speak to the love of the homeland and its people.
The anthem which was composed by Kristi Kelty, includes a chorus in 4-part harmony, which emphasizes the choral lyrics, "California, California.....With the waves upon your shoreline, will you call me home when my life is done, to rest in your hills so fine."
The song speaks to the beauty of the state and its people, but also at a deeper level the idea of "connectedness" and purpose in one's life. The simple melody of the anthem is accompanied by meaningful lyrics which make the song memorable and fun to sing-- while thought provoking. This provides opportunity for the "California Anthem" to be sung at a variety of venues; holidays, graduations, childrens' concerts, religious or patriotic gatherings, or on the beach. Adopt the "California Anthem" as the new State Anthem.

Why is this important?

The many young viewers of the "California Anthem" on YouTube initiated the original idea that the song be adopted as the new State Anthem. This was a surprising observation, but it demonstrated the need for young people (and people of all ages) to connect with something deeper; to value one's homeland and to be able to sing about this connection.


Reasons for signing

  • This anthem definitely evokes pride in being Californian. It should certainly be used in an official capacity.
  • I was in one of those choirs that sang this song about 4 or 5 years ago and now even as I attend school in New England, I occasionally hum this beautiful song about my beautiful state.
  • I'm 100% Arizonan, born and raised... and not a very nice guy when it comes to Californians... but out of pitty for you guys, I'm going to sign for this beautiful song.