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To: Mark Begich, Candidate for Governor (AK)

Alaskans Call on Mark Begich to Withdraw from Governor's Race

August 16, 2018 // Dear Senator Begich:

The undersigned Alaskans respectfully ask you to withdraw from the governor’s race. We appreciate your service and many contributions to Alaska, both as mayor of Anchorage and as our U.S. senator.

Many of us have supported you in the past and believe you have a continued future serving Alaskans. Now is not the time for you to run for governor.

The numbers do not support both you and Governor Walker running. We believe you would essentially serve as a “spoiler,” paving the way for Republican Mike Dunleavy to be elected governor. This is not in Alaska’s best interest.

Walker and Mallott are the incumbents. They truly care about Alaska. They have displayed strong leadership and have made difficult decisions. They have been responsive to issues important to us and have earned our respect, and we see no reason not to support them.

This is not personal – it’s about doing what’s right for Alaska. We respectfully ask you to do the right thing and step aside.

Sincerely, Your Fellow Alaskans:

Aaron Plikat, Anchorage
Adam Wool, Fairbanks
AJ Sutton, Fairbanks
Albert Kookesh, Juneau
Amanda Mallott, Juneau
Andy Holleman, Anchorage
Andy Mack, Anchorage
Andy Mezirow, Homer
Anthony Mallott, Juneau
April Ferguson, Anchorage
Arlene Simpler, Kodiak
Barbara Blake, Juneau
Barbara Donatelli, Anchorage
Bill Tatsuda, Ketchikan
Bob Hubbard, Fairbanks
Brenda L. Tolman, Whittier
Bruce Botelho, Juneau
Buck Laukitis, Homer
Carl Marrs, Old Harbor
Carpenters Local 1234, Fairbanks
Chris Dimond, Juneau
Cindy Roberts, Anchorage
Claudia Anderson, Kodiak
Cordelia Kellie, Palmer
David Guttenberg, Fairbanks
David McCabe, Anchorage
Don Gray, Fairbanks
Donny Olson, Golovin
Dorli McWayne, Fairbanks
Earl Krygier, Anchorage
Emily Edenshaw, Juneau
Eric Jordan, Sitka
Freddie Olin, Anchorage
Gail Schubert, Bering Straits
Geron Bruce, Juneau
Gordon Glaser, Anchorage
Greg Razo, Anchorage
Greg Wakefield, Anchorage
Heather Flynn, Anchorage
Heidi Drygas, Juneau/Fairbanks
Ian Fisk, Juneau
Ira Perman, Anchorage
Jack Hebert, Fairbanks
Jaeleen Kookesh, Juneau
Jamie Kenworthy, Anchorage
Jan Carolyn Hardy, Anchorage
Janet McCabe, Anchorage
Jason Grenn, Anchorage
Jeanette Wakefield, Anchorage
Jodie Gatti, Ketchikan
Joe Nelson, Yakutat
John Lincoln, Kotzebue
Karl Kassel, Fairbanks
Kate Wool, Fairbanks
Kathryn Scribner, Juneau
Kati Ward, Anchorage
Kes Woodward, Fairbanks
Linda Behnken, Sitka
Lindy Jones, Juneau
Liz Medicine Crow, Anchorage
Malcolm Roberts, Anchorage
Marc Wheeler, Juneau
Margy K. Johnson, Anchorage
Mark Schneiter, Anchorage
Marlene Johnson, Juneau/Hoonah
Marna Sanford, Fairbanks
Mary Hakala, Juneau
Mary Hilcoske, Anchorage
Mary Jo Robinson, Anchorage
Mary Schulz, Ketchikan
Matt Hunter, Sitka
Meera Kohler, Anchorage
Melissa Borton, Kodiak
Mike Gallagher, Anchorage
Mike Kenny, Anchorage
Mike Navarre, Kenai
Mim McConnell, Sitka
Minoo Minaei, Anchorage/Homer
Miriam Aarons, Anchorage
Myra Munson, Juneau
Nancy Barnes, Anchorage
Pat Branson, Kodiak
Paula DeLaiarro, Anchorage
Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 375, Fairbanks
Raina Thiele, Anchorage
Reid Magdanz, Kotzebue
Richard Peterson, Juneau
Robert Gottstein, Anchorage
Sarah McCabe, Anchorage
Scott Eickholt, Fairbanks
Sheri Buretta, Anchorage
Steve Hovenden, Fairbanks
Stosh Anderson, Kodiak
Tim Sharp, Fairbanks
Tom Panamaroff, Kodiak
Tom Schulz, Ketchikan
Tom Simpler, Kodiak
Tom Wescott, Eagle River
Vicki Otte, Anchorage
Willie Hensley, Anchorage

Why is this important?

In 2014, the Alaska Democratic Party, along with Republicans, Democrats, and Independents from all over Alaska, came together to support the Unity Ticket of Bill Walker and Byron Mallott for Governor and Lt Governor. Ultimately, the Walker-Mallott Unity Ticket won over incumbent Republican Sean Parnell, the first gubernatorial win by a non-Republican in Alaska in eight election cycles (since 1998). Byron Mallott became the highest current Democrat elected official in Alaska.
This year, Bill Walker and Byron Mallott are running for reelection on the strength of a fiscal plan compromise that restored Alaska's credit rating and closed 80 percent of the massive budget deficit they inherited. On June 1, 2018, a half hour before the filing deadline, Mark Begich filed as the lone Democratic candidate for Governor. Many Alaskans believe that that Governor Walker would defeat alt-right conservative Republican Mike Dunleavy in a two-way race. A three-way race splits the moderate vote and rewards the extremist candidate. As moderate Alaskans we ask Senator Begich to withdraw before the September 2nd deadline.