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To: Arizona Interscholastic Association Board

Allow 2 Away Team Parents to Attend HS Winter Sports Games

Extend the High School spectator guidelines to include the same two parents/guardians who are allowed at Home winter sports games to attend Away games.

Why is this important?

This is first and foremost a safety issue. Two underage players have already been injured during games with their parents watching online. Parents should be in attendance in case of unforeseen injuries that may happen during the games, especially if the game location is a considerable drive away.

NFHS does not broadcast all games. Online streaming is not always an option.

There is plenty of room to allow both teams' parents to attend and distance in both bleachers and gymnasiums.

Many of the athletes are not of driving age yet, so parents/guardians are driving them to and from games if buses are not available, but yet not able to stay and watch the game.



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