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To: Town of Dover


This is a petition to amend the Dover cannabis ordianace #25-2021 to include

1. consumption lounges
2. Allow Cannabis stores in Downtown Dover

Why is this important?

1. consumption lounges: these are essential to the community, having a safe place to medicate and socialize with other cannabis enthusiast and patients is priceless and it should be enjoyed right here in the "impact zone". Not everyone is able to medicate at there homes for many reasons landlords, apartment buildings ect.. some do not have a place to use their cannabis or have anyone to educate them on how to safely and properly consume. Having a safe place to partake off the streets would benefit many in the community. The state allows for comsuption lounges and as a impacted community we should be taking full advantage of all the new laws.

2. Allow Cannabis stores in Downtown Dover: Cannabis needs to be readily accessible to the people of dover. This would also create more opportunity's to open cannabis stores and create more jobs for dover residents. we should embrace the cannabis culture and integrate is with our diverse downtown. This would bring additional foot traffic to local business and stimulate the economy.




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