To: Governor Mike Parson

Allow Ce Ce Moore to do DNA testing for 9-year-old murder victim Angie Housman

Allow outside agencies to assist the police departments of Saint Charles County and Saint Louis County to do Familial DNA testing, such as Ce Ce Moore and others who are willing to assist. It has been 25 years and 9-year-old Angie Housman's murder remains unsolved.

With new DNA technology, the same DNA testing that got the Golden State Killer, Angie's killers or killers could be caught. It only takes one hit off of a family member from this DNA testing to narrow it down to the person who did this. Isn't 25 years long enough?

Why is this important?

Let Ce Ce Moore do DNA testing to get the killer or killers of Angie Housman.

DNA testing has come such a long way. Most police have been waiting for this type of DNA advancement their whole careers. Now here we are where this type of DNA testing has helped to even get the Golden State Killer. Ce Ce Moore has offered her services to the Police for FREE! Yet her help is being denied. Please sign this petition so that police are forced to use Ce Ce Moore to do the Familial DNA testing in hopes it will get this little girl's killer or killers. Twenty-five years is too long. Imagine waiting 25 years not knowing who murdered and raped and tortured your child. Angie's mothered died waiting and never knew who murdered her daughter. It is time to stop waiting ! 25 years is long enough. It is time to help bring Justice for Angie Housman.

Angie Housman was a 9-year-old girl who loved life. She wanted to grow up to be a nurse. She was very outgoing and loved others. Angie vanished into thin air getting off at her bus stop on November 18th of 1993. Angie would be kept somewhere for 9 days being tortured, raped, and given hardly any food or water. Her final fate was being left alive tied and her whole head duct taped with only her nose exposed. The temperatures were freezing and Angie died alone scared to death in the woods. Her wrists had been slit and a cut on her thigh was present. The final cause of death was hypothermia. It has been 25 years and her killer or killers have not been caught. The police have DNA and a fingerprint, yet there have been no arrests. The killer or killers have remained to walk free.

It is Beyond TIME for Angie to get the justice she so deserves and to let the family and the public know who killed this precious girl, whether the killer or killers are dead or alive. Please sign this petition today.