To: Clearview Administration

Allow Clearview students to participate in National School Walkout on March 14

The National School Walkout calls for students to leave school for 17 minutes at 10 am on March 14th to honor the victims of the Parkland shooting and to provoke action from Congress and government towards gun reform. Clearview administration has explicitly stated that students are not to participate in this event, despite the safe ways other districts are organizing it.

Why is this important?

Gun violence continues to plague this nation's schools. We, as an impacted population, should be allowed to protest against laws, or lack thereof, that harm us. Many other schools have created plans to orchestrate this event safely and efficiently. There is no reason why Clearview cannot do the same. One of the goals of education should be to foster active citizenship in its students and to stifle this effort instead of encouraging it is counter-intuitive.