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To: President Trump

Allow Schools to Reopen using their OWN Individual Guidelines

Allow Schools to Reopen using their OWN Individual Guidelines

The CDC guidelines that were recently released for the reopening of schools are unrealistic! As educators and school professionals, each school knows best the needs and requirements to assure the safety of their students, staff, and campus in their particular community. Each individual school or district should have the right to reopen their schools using their own guidelines that best suit their campus and community.

Why is this important?

With governors in each state being able to enforce blanket guidelines on schools for the entire state, this will greatly impact millions of students! While some students will be able to return to the classroom to resume their education with appropriate guidelines, others will be forced to continue distant learning, further impacting their growth.
Although distant learning may be the best option for some students, it is not for the majority of students. Students need to be able to interact with their peers and teachers, as well as have opportunities for hands-on learning. Students also need to play with their friends during recess and get to participate in physical education, music and art. We cannot deprive our students of a proper education or social interaction any longer. The long term educational, mental and emotional struggles that our students would face due to continued school closures or reopened prison-like school environments will be astronomical and irreversible.
Tell President Trump that schools can formulate their own individual guidelines to reopen that best keeps their students, staff and campus safe.


Reasons for signing

  • I work for a school district. These guidelines will have serious detrimental effects on staff and students, not to mention being completely unrealistic.
  • Get back to normal for our kids.
  • This is important for our children’s health and future.


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