To: The Oregon State House, The Oregon State Senate, and Governor Kate Brown

Allow Suction Dredge Mining in Oregon

This petition asks the Oregon Legislature and Governor Kitzhaber to recognize existing environmental impact studies showing many positive effects, and no lasting negative effects, of suction dredge mining on Oregon’s waterways.

Why is this important?

There are currently no less than six environmental impact studies showing the following conclusions: Suction dredge mining is a clean and responsible means of extracting minerals used in communications equipment and healthcare. As a side benefit, suction dredge mining breaks up compacted, unusable spawning grounds during the time that fish are not setting their nests. It activates the in-water food supply for aquatic life, creates cool refuge pools for heat-stressed fish, and removes man-made and natural toxicity from streambeds without costing the state a dime. In the end, when the autumn rains begin, streambed material is again distributed the way Mother Nature would have them.
Suction dredge mining requires the purchase of two separate permits in order to legally operate in Oregon, and adherence to a volume of regulations that is environmentally protective.
Finally, the economic impact of banning suction dredge mining is a loss of over 4000 jobs and revenue losses of $20-30 million annually.
Science supports the use of suction dredges in streambed health, so won't you too?