To: The Indiana State House, The Indiana State Senate, and Governor Eric Holcomb

Allow the Affordable Care Act in Indiana

The Affordable Care Act will give Citizens in Indiana the ability to choose which Insurance Company they desire for health care prevention and treatment. It will also allow Hoosiers the opportunity to determine the insurance plan of choice available for their selves and their Families. The Affordable Care Act gives Senior Citizens the opportunity to save money on prescriptions by reducing and eventually closing the Donut Hole. It will allow Parents to continue Insurance coverage on their children and or students until they are twenty six years old. The greatest loss in Indiana’s state of affairs is denying Hoosiers access to affordable and preventative health care!

Why is this important?

The Governor and state legislature of Indiana are trying to prevent access to the Affordable Care Act. They are denying the State of Indiana an opportunity to become a healthier and more productive state by preventing access to this health care plan. This is just one example of many coordinated attacks by our State Government on Indiana’s middle class!