To: OSHA Regional Office 230 South Dearborn Street, Room 3244 Chicago, Illinois 60604 (312) 353-2220, President Donald Trump, The Illinois State House, The Illinois State Senate, Governor J.B. Pritzker, The United States House of Represent...

Americans Say: "Create Alternatives To Ear-Piercing Backup Beeping".

STOP the ear-piercing-schrill of "Backup [Alarm] Beeping"

Why is this important?

National Academy of Engineering cited Backup Beeping-Alarms as one of the six top noise sources people associated with behavioral and emotional consequences. This noise pollution chips away at our public health, interfering with our immune systems, learning, and sleep, boosting stress hormones, and contributing to cardiovascular maladies, even at levels too low to cause hearing damage.


Reasons for signing

  • the backup beeping noise of trucks is a classic case of poor design ... its loud and piercing a single truck backing up in manhattan disrupts literally hundreds of people ... and 99% of the time it's entirely unnecessary. Classic poor design. How about pulsing LEDs or something that would be less intrusive. or equip every truck with videos and auto-breaking. please folks ... we are recording a podcast on the 7th floor !
  • Backup beepers are extremely disruptive to residents in my neighborhood in Chicago. I hear them constantly from construction, utility, and delivery vehicles. The ones on the Amazon vans aren't too bad. If beepers must exist they should be changed to the ones that Amazon uses.
  • I live on Burnett Ave corner of dead end Perego Tr. in San Francisco. Every day (&night) I nave to listen to beep beep. It also triggers the dogs to start barking as well. Recently the garbage trucks finally got re-quipped with the "white noise" devices. "Fffft Ffffft" is very audible but not intrusive or obnoxious. Why can't this be mandatednationwide?