To: Fox News, Rupert Murdoch, CNN, Fair and Balanced Reporting, ABC News, CEO ABC NEWS, CBS NEWS, CEO ABC NEWS, and NBC NEWS, CEO NBC NEWS

America's Media in limbo

The US Amercian public against the media for not making public all public Presidential running mates to be included in Polls, Reports, Interview and providing FAIR AND BALANCED attention to all Contenters of the 2012 GOP race. We ask all American's to sign this petition in support of all media companies to report fair and actcurate and balanced reporting of all running in polls and in the election process. Let the US citizen elect who they wish not the media for us. Take action and support Ron Paul and all candidates who speak to the American with out the Media not reporting everything fairly. Let the 1st Ammendment of the
Constitution so the media has to fairly inform the public correctly.

Why is this important?

People of America should fight and let it be known that the news media is falsely making the Presidential race bias. People let it be known to stand and vote and boycott the New media Fox and CNN and others who leave out polls of the people running.
Why isnt FAIR & BALANCED reporting happening instead of one sided views from the head of these new media companies?


Reasons for signing

  • The media are not stupid, they know they are a miserable failure/ Turn them off and vote Ron Paul.
  • report all canidates not just a few
  • The mainstream media has a responsibility to all veiwers to provide ALL relevant coverage for an informed decision.