To: Anna Galland, Executive Director, MoveOn

Anna Galland: Please hold a MoveOn Presidential Candidate Endorsement Vote

Anna Galland: Please hold a MoveOn membership vote to endorse a 2016 Presidential candidate before the Iowa Primary.

Why is this important?

This petition is to encourage to hold a membership vote to endorse a Democratic candidate for President before the Iowa Primary.

On the “Run Warren Run” website MoveOn states:
“We will encourage all candidates to embrace the Warren agenda on the economy, pursue diplomacy over war, fight to get big money out of politics and address climate change, and present an agenda that speaks to the growing demands of the Movement for Black Lives, the need for immigration reform, and the whole of the progressive coalition.”

No candidate role models these qualities better than Bernie Sanders. A large portion of his campaign platform is in line with the agenda sort after by MoveOn.

Through this petition we want to encourage a similar voting process as recently carried out by Democracy for America. They were a key partner in the Run Warren Run campaign and its membership overwhelmingly decided to support Bernie’s campaign. We would like the membership of MoveOn to have the same opportunity.