To: Elizabeth Warren, U.S. Senator and Bernie Sanders, U.S. Senator

Anti-Clinton Progressives Seek Parley with Warren & Sanders

As potential organizers of the populist movement Sens. Warren & Sanders have called for as backup, we wish to communicate our deep distrust of Hillary Clinton. And, above all, to express our extremely rational fear that candidate Clinton will coopt the progressive message so President Clinton can stab progressives in the back.

Why is this important?

Sens. Warren and Sanders have offered progressives about the only hope we have of being represented by the next U.S. president. However, with Sen. Warren supporting Hillary Clinton, a "perfect storm" is in place for them to play "useful idiots" for candidate Clinton to coopt their progressive rhetoric and betray it as president. Unless Clinton's oligarch donors are stupid, we all need to stop her candidacy dead in its tracks.