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To: City of Placerville

Anti-Lynching Legislation

Anti-Lynching Legislation

The growth from the California gold rush in 1848, and as well as the frontier justice that gave the city it’s original name in 1849 as Old Hangtown and the seal display a man and a noose hanging from a tree. The name directly came from an incident in 1849 in which 3 men were hanged in the city over attempted robbery and murder charges. Old Hangtown continued the city’s name until 1854 when it was changed to Placerville.

Why is this important?

We call to replace or alter the seal due to problems over the imagery, and most notably by modern day connections of lynchings to the African American community. The noose disrespects thousands of African Americans that where lynched and is becoming more and more of a symbol of violence against black people.



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