To: WA State Redistricting Commission

Anti-racism & Redistricting WA State Legislative Seats

Representative democracy depends, in part, on fair districting of legislative boundaries that would not further disadvantage communities of color in the electoral process. While communities of color are increasing in WA state, the number of state legislators of color is dropping. It is imperative that your decisions not worsen this problem. Do NOT redraw the 11th legislative district, which has two legislators of color. Retain North Beacon Hill in the 11th! To improve diversity please also create a majority minority district in the Seattle area.

Why is this important?

Communities of color are expanding in WA state, but their numbers in the state legislature are dropping. A proposal from the WA State Redistricting Commission would worsen this under representation. If the Commission's plan to remove North Beacon Hill from the 11th Legislative District takes effect, social justice & labor advocate State Representative Bob Hasegawa would lose his seat in the legislature. Send a pro-diversity message to the commission.