To: Tim Armstrong, CEO, AOL

AOL: If you're in ALEC, you've got fail

Tech firms across the globe have ended their support for ALEC's anti-environment, anti-education and anti-worker agenda.

It's time for AOL to joining them by dropping their ALEC membership today!

Why is this important?

This week Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Yahoo have joined countless other organizations and individuals are fleeing ALEC's crooked political agenda. However, AOL has refused to join them.

Sign our petition and tell AOL to take a stand against ALEC's dirty politicians and backroom deals.

We need to tell AOL that, like dial-up internet users in an age of broadband, continuing their ALEC membership means they'll only fall further behind.


Reasons for signing

  • Get rid of ALEC and back the American people who have built you with their support.
  • Please... Just stop
  • ALEC is wron for our country and wrong for you, wake up.

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