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To: Tim Cook, Acting CEO, Apple Computer

Apple: Help Parents -- make iTunes rentals last for 30 hours!

As parents, it often feels like a miracle if we can carve out an hour at night to start a movie. But Apple insists that we watch it all that night -- or rent it again. Apple, have a heart -- extend iTunes movie rentals from 24 hrs to 30 hrs.

Why is this important?

Every parent has been there: You finally get everyone to bed and have time for yourselves. You want nothing more than to relax and watch a movie. But an hour in, you're crashing. You'll finish it the next night, right? Not if Apple can help it. Apple: simply allow rentals to last for 30 hours (instead of 24) and millions of parents will love you for it.



2021-03-01 23:56:17 -0500

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