To: Timothy Cook, CEO, Apple Inc.

Apple: Don't Kill OpenNI

Artists, designers, makers, and tinkerers around the world have leveraged the power of 3D cameras like the XBox Kinect and XTion Live to create innumerable interactive installations, performances and other compelling works of art. The OpenNI SDK is a key technology behind many commercial and open-source software programs that have empowered this artistic expression. So, we were surprised and shocked when we saw the notification on the OpenNI site that said the web site would close on April 23rd.

Apple, you bought Prime Sense, and now you want to kill this critically important technology. We're respectfully asking you: don't do it.

Many of us in this community remember a time when Apple was our champion. You provided us with a truly innovative operating system that offered unforeseen ways to interactively control and present media. This in turn led to the development of of thousands of applications that empowered tens of thousands of artists to inspire and entertain audiences around the globe. (And, by the way, help you sell millions of computers.)

Mr. Cook, your action to take away OpenNI runs counter to that history. We know your priorities have changed. We know that it's all about mobile devices these days. We understand that you likely have your own plans for 3D imagining technology.

But, empowering personal expression through technology was one of the core values that made Apple the great company it is. We are asking you to remember that part of your history today, and to support us by changing course. Keep OpenNI open and available to us.

Why is this important?

OpenNI is a critically important technology for artists around the world who have leveraged the power of 3D cameras like the XBox Kinect and XTion Live to create innumerable works of interactive art. Apple Computer bought Prime Sense, the creators of OpenNI, and will now shut down the OpenNI web site on April 23rd. Removal of this key technology will profoundly affect the community of artists who have used it to both inspire and entertain. This is your chance to tell Apple to change course, and keep OpenNI available so that we may all continue our path of artistic innovation.


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