To: Robert P. McCulloch, St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney

Appoint a Special Prosecutor to Investigate the Murder of Michael Brown

The death of Michael Brown at the hands of Ferguson, MO police has stoked tensions and caused unrest across our community, state, and nation. This racially charged climate demands an independent, impartial investigation that the St. Louis County Prosecutor's office simply cannot provide.

Why is this important?

Bob McCulloch must fully recuse himself and his office from the investigation related to the murder of Michael Brown. 

McCulloch's decision not to charge officers who murdered two unarmed African-American men in 2000 by shooting into their car 20 times, especially in the face of the U.S. Attorney's independent investigation finding that those officers lied about their actions, gives us no confidence that his office can provide a fair and impartial investigation into this current matter. 

That failure, coupled with McCulloch's recent participation in one of the most racially polarizing elections in the history of St. Louis County, means that his office's continued oversight of this tragedy will only sow further distrust and discord in our community. 

For the good of the entire St. Louis region and the nation as a whole, we call on Robert P. McCulloch to recuse himself and his office from this matter and to appoint a special prosector to investigate the murder of Michael Brown.


Reasons for signing

  • Justice is needed for the Brown family
  • Republicans are worried about their party more than their country. Act now to investigate Trump and appoint a special prosecutor.
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